We’re great people to know when it comes to replacing, repairing or installing anything that has to do with water.


With over 23 years of experience with a full range of mechanical and plumbing systems, we can ensure the systems in your home are in perfect working condition:

  • • Gas systems (here’s a brochure)
  • • Sprinkler Systems
  • • High Efficiency Boilers (IBC, Veissmann, plus other makes and models)
  •  Tankless and Combination Hot Water Tanks
  •  Tekmar Control Systems (sweet!)
  •  High Efficiency Furnaces
  •  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • • Bathroom fixtures (Kohler, Cantu, others)
  • • Water Leaks and Drainage Backups
  • • Whole home water filtration
  • • New installations and renovations
  • • Preventative and Seasonal maintenance
  • • General mechanical contracting

Gas Systems
Tax credits and utility rebates are available for many new types of high efficiency installations.  You can count on our licensed and trained technicians to install or service gas fireplaces, gas barbecues and other types of gas appliances.  By law, gas appliances and related piping, meters, and equipment must be installed by a licensed gas fitter, so call us today and one of our friendly and knowledgeable gas fitters will get that new outdoor barbecue working in a jiff!

Did you know there are Rebates available from BC Hydro? $1,200!

Improve your home’s efficiency and get money back

It’s time to start thinking of energy-efficient ways to help keep your home comfortable all year round.

Rather than relying on a fan, air conditioner, or heat pump to keep you cool or warm, making energy efficiency upgrades will pay off year-round with lower energy bills and a more comfortable home.

Get rebates on energy efficiency upgrades

We know that when it comes to home renovations, budgets can be tight. This is why we offer a variety of rebates to help make improving your home’s energy efficiency more affordable through the Home Energy Rebate Offer, including:

You can also get up to $750 back when you make three or more eligible upgrades through the bonus rebate.

See the rebates FortisBC is offering on natural gas hot water heaters and efficient fireplaces.

Sprinkler Systems
Did you know the City of Vancouver recently changed its building code to require all new construction residential spaces to have interior sprinklers?  Call us today +1 (604)  255-5654 to find out if you require a sprinkler system in your home.

High Efficiency Boilers, Furnaces, HVAC
Does your furnace need replacing or servicing? Our licensed technicians will get your home’s heating or air conditioning working the way it should.  Many customers enjoy our high efficiency, Energy Star heating systems that save thousands of dollars in long-term heating bills.  Rebates are available for many types of installations. Whether it’s a water heater, air conditioning system or boiler, Waterworks has a solution for all types of residential and commercial needs.

Bathroom Fixtures
Our licensed technicians will fix or replace the fixtures in your bathroom! If you have a leaky pipe or drainage backup, we’ll make sure the obstructions are removed. Stop wasting water and have us repair, replace or service your sinks, faucets, shower appliances, and toilets.  New technology is much more eco-friendly because of low-flow designs and superior water handling. We’ll get you fixed up in no time!

Water Leaks and Drainage Backups
A leaky pipe can result in serious long-term damage. Hidden mould can grow in places that can be hard or expensive to access and remove.  Call us to stop the health risk, annoyance and waste of a constantly running or leaking pipe.

Whole Home Water Filtration
If the water in your home is unfiltered from the municipal water supply, the water you use will be contaminated with chlorine and other chemicals, including sediment and hardened minerals. That’s not ideal for cooking and washing!

A whole house water filter connects to the main water line entering your home so that all of the water outlets – the sinks, toilets, showers, laundry – have clean, filtered water.  WaterWorks has the expertise and equipment to install, service and maintain the most popular types of water filtering systems. Make it clean – make it WaterWorks.


New Installation and Renovations to Existing Systems
These days it’s hard to drive more than a block without noticing a new home taking the place of an old one.  It seems that every channel you watch on TV has a show about renovating an out of date kitchen or bathroom.  Whether your project is large or small, Waterworks can do it all.  Call us today for a free estimate to get your project going.

Remember how exited you were to first show off your new home? Perhaps you loved your inlaid floors and shiny new countertop.  We believe that showing off your mechanical room should be just as exciting.  Your homes plumbing and heating systems are state of the art and worthy of praise.  Adhering to a scheduled maintenance guide is an essential part of the proper maintenance of your homes plumbing and heating system and that is why we offer a regularly scheduled maintenance program. This service offered by our highly skilled, certified technicians has made it easier than ever to prolong the life of your plumbing and heating system.

Feel free to call us anytime for repairs, maintenance or to ask questions you may have regarding you plumbing and heating systems. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • • High efficiency boiler service
  • • Water filter replacement
  • • Winterization of all exterior water lines
  • • Check for leaks at all fixtures
  • • Check function of sanitary and storm sumps, pumps and alarms
  • • Replace HRV filters
  • • Replace Air conditioning filters
  • • Check for leaks and runs on all sinks, toilets and showers

Seasonal Shut Down
Ensure your home or home-away-from-home is protected during the off season or while you’re away. If a leak were to occur without occupancy, the damage could be catastrophic.  Let us take the worry out of your winter escape with our seasonal maintenance program.

  • • We’ll inspect the entire property for potential plumbing risks
  • • Winterize all exterior faucets and hose bibs
  • • Ensure sprinkler system has been winterized (done by a third party which we can arrange)
  • • Our door kitchen shut down
  • • Additional fixture winterization (ie: water fountains)

General Mechanical Contracting

Through our extensive experience as a 20 year-old family owned company, we incorporate creative means and methods to produce superior solutions. We bring a better way of doing things to every project we work on, whether you require a contractor with one point of contact or have multiple vendors in an environment where downtime or slowdowns are not acceptable.

Waterworks is experienced in providing a wide range of services to fit the needs of homeowners.  Whether it is general contracting services or plumbing or mechanical contracting, Waterworks skilled staff approaches and completes each project in a professional manner.